A further word from the artist....

"It took over three years to finish this painting, sustained by Jimi’s music and the need to express my gratitude. 

He stands as I imagine him, lost in a note. Unconcerned, unaware that he has transcended even those things that rooted him to this physical, material world: his guitars.

He is surrounded by his Muses. And there, impassioned yet anchored by an earthly energy that rises around him; he plays the universe itself, with sounds impossible to make with just two human hands.

And what about the bees? There they fly, though scientists might have a hard time telling you how. They are the kind of bees capable of stinging with a pain that lingers too long, but are also capable of producing such sweetness. 

Like the Blues."  


-Randy Chavez


You have to give people something to dream on.
— Jimi Hendrix