I feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer my art to you in this collection of aluminum prints. This printing process represents a new art medium, infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets.

These metal prints take on a magical vibrancy. Yours to enjoy without glass or additional framing. 

Old painting masters built their paintings with many translucent layers. The multidimensional effect achieved by this layering gave a unique luminosity to their work. In a similar way artwork printed onto this material confer a depth that  artists like myself strive for.

Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled. Waterproof, ultra-hard and scratch-resistant, these reproductions will last generations when displayed indoors (or outdoors!)  and out of direct sunlight.


Artist in his studio  with the metal print "Feral Angels"

Artist in his studio  with the metal print "Feral Angels"